Dr. Jane Fresne, D.N.
Dr. Jane Fresne, D.N

Chicago, IL
Santa Fe, NM
Conditions Treated

Dr. Fresne focuses the healing on discovering and treating the root cause of all physical manifestations.

Depression Weight gain
Fatigue IBS and related disorders
Asthma Mental Fog
Reflux Stressful lifestyle
Candida Muscle pain
Joint pain Elevated Cholesterol
Loss Recovery Menopause
Mold Illness sports injuries
spinal misalignment migraines
back pain TMJ
low back pain spasms
mid back pain sprain
hip pain strains
neck pain tennis elbow
knee pain rotator cuff injuries
leg pain conditions of the knee
structural headaches conditions of the ankle
arthritis fibromyalgia
migraine headache sciatica
carpal tunnel syndrome chronic back pain
TMJ joint pain
herniated disc shoulder pain
bursitis stress related pain
tendonitis whiplash