Dr. Jane Fresne, D.N.
Dr. Jane Fresne, D.N

Chicago, IL
Santa Fe, NM

Recommended Links:

ejuva.com (A gentle yet thorough and transformational intestinal cleanse kit which participants use during my month long cleansing classes.)

Some of my Teachers:

mesaworks.com (Oscar Miro Quesada, Peruvian shaman, has been my teacher for 12 years. Wonderful guide for personal transformation & Earth honoring ceremonies.)

pkcusco.org (Theo Paredes, Peruvian shaman, has been my teacher for two years plus. Powerful Andean tradition of connection with ourselves and others.)

stevenhartman.com (Steve is a patient, loving teacher and healer. His yoga classes are healing/reconnecting. Studying avatar with him in 1996 was life changing)

Great Organizations:

shamansmarket.com (authentic Peruvian shaman necessities from Florida water to despacho - earth offering - kits)

icstars.org (Making a difference in our community. Resources spent with icstars has been very rewarding and worthwile for me.)

shamanshackherbs.com (attend educational workshops with herbalist as well as recommend books, teas and tonics)

rawfood.meetup.com/222 (Receive instruction, inspiration and support in this fun Chicago based raw food group.)

heartofthehealer.org (The mission of this foundation is to preserve indigenous cultures and restore our Earth. They have formed the Rainforest Sanctuary Initiative in order to protect our rainforest!)