Dr. Jane Fresne, D.N.
Dr. Jane Fresne, D.N

Chicago, IL
Santa Fe, NM


The food we eat today, laden with pesticides and hormones, doesn’t contain the same nutritional value it once did. Soil mineral levels and over processing are some of the reasons for this. Our bodies react to the pollutants which bombard them every day. Dr. Fresne counsels patients nutritionally suggesting easy to incorporate changes in eating styles which will support healing and health.

The amount of toxic load presented to our bodies -- environmental toxins and those added to the foods we eat -- has never before been experienced by humans. Our systems are trying to cope. I will evaluate your description of your physical state, as well as daily eating routine and lifestyle needs, to guide you to health through the use of whole foods and nutritional supplements. I have facilitated many cleanses, watching illnesses disappear as the body regenerates when toxins are released and nutrients received. Much healing occurs as patients begin to make lifestyle changes by slowly adding nutrients and removing toxins from their daily routine.

"During your treatment we discuss simple yet nutrient-packed substitutions and additions to your current daily food plan. First choose to commit yourself to take steps toward a healthy path. Starting slowly allows your body to release toxins slowly and builds your immune system at the same time. Just simply shifting beverages, snacks, desserts and/or breakfast has changed the health status of many patients. Start out by selecting items you commonly eat or drink such as something artificially sweetened and/or processed. Even increasing your water intake might make a noticeable change in how you feel!

Here are some recommendations:

  • Substitute Raw Blue Agave or Stevia for sugar or artificial sweeteners.
  • Reach for snacks such as a Raw Trail Mix or a Raw Food Bar such as P.U.R.E. (in Chicago these are available at Trader Joe's). These have many more nutrients than the processed alternative.
  • Begin adding more of your favorite fruits to your snack choices. A bag of apples, for instance, keeps well for a few days and can be a delicious alternative.
  • Create a "Green Smoothie" for breakfast supplying your body with amino acids which are great for you. Simply blend your favorite fruits, a handful of greens (such as fresh spinach), and 3 dates with water and ice.
Come to my raw classes for more nutritional and life enhancing information! Or treat your body to my month long cleansing class. It's a great way to cleanse your body and palate as well as loose weight, gain energy, and a new understanding of nourishment.

Optimal health and nutrition for the cells go hand in hand. Take your first step toward your health and happiness today. Watch what you are eating and support your movement toward vibrancy with new life-giving choices of food that you will enjoy."