Dr. Jane Fresne, D.N.
Dr. Jane Fresne, D.N

Chicago, IL
Santa Fe, NM
What is a session like?

A Naprapathic treatment consists of Naprapathic manipulative techniques, adjunct modalities, and nutritional counseling. These techniques include gentle manipulation of the vertebrae to stretch the attached, contracted connective tissue which may be irritating the nerves as they exit the spinal column, manipulation/mobilization of the muscles and related soft tissue structures to help restore balance and joint mobilization of restricted joints, and articulation to restore full range of motion. Through the science of naprapathy, Dr. Fresne re-aligns, adjusts and teaches patients to create health.

The sources of physical pain are many. As we examine our lifestyles, we find clues as to what may be the origin of a problem. It may seem as though the pain started from a harmless bending down to pick up something or reaching into the back seat, but it actually began with months or years of dysfunction, guarding and blocks. Many different aspects of our lives affect our posture and muscular/skeletal system. These include: how we sit at our computer, at our desks, hours in the car, what we carry all day - babies, backpacks, briefcases, and even standing with our weight on one leg or crossing the same leg each time we sit. After hours sitting in the same position certain muscles become tight and will cause imbalances. Learning the stretches, exercises and re-educating muscles will help alleviate the aftereffects of these.

There is another source of pain which will also be examined during a session: the stress of living life with the difficulties and changes that occur. Sometimes, depending on one's situation, these stresses bombard us and build up. Some of these are learned stresses from watching our families and communities (church, school, t.v., neighbors, etc.) -- the stresses of trying so hard to get it right and keeping up with what is expected of us. It's invaluable for you to take the time to intentionally look at these expectations and goals both self-imposed and imposed by others. Which ones are your personal priorities, which bring you energy and make you excited, which can you change? During the session you will be able to release and learn techniques to create the flow of life that works for you.

The amount of toxic load presented to our bodies -- environmental toxins and those added to the foods we eat -- has never before been experienced by humans. Our systems are trying to cope. Sometimes the toxins end up stored in our bodies if the needed internal conditions aren't present for elimination. These stored toxins can cause illness, fatigue, weight gain, etc. Using many years of experience and research, as a nutritional counselor under the Naprapathic license, Dr. Fresne examines the physical state as well as daily eating routine and lifestyle needs to co-create a plan to slowly change ones diet and increase nutirents using whole food and nutritional supplement recommendations.

You can expect:

  • Relaxed, Professional Atmosphere
  • Privacy
  • Acceptance
  • Discussion and Evaluation
  • Assessing Overall Condition
  • Stretches and Exercises
  • New eating and nutrient plan
  • Stress relieving techniques

This is a safe place for patients to bring their pain and to be healed.