Dr. Jane Fresne, D.N.
Dr. Jane Fresne, D.N

Chicago, IL
Santa Fe, NM

I believe there are true healers in the world, and I believe that they are rare and precious. Jane Fresne is one of those extraordinary healers, and I feel lucky and blessed after each session with her. I may walk into her office in physical pain, discomfort, deep sadness, and/or angst, and by the end of the session, I feel renewed, uplifted, and pain-free. She uses a variety of techniques, blending the physical and the spiritual, to help transform you from one state to another. I have seen her for a number of issues which conventional doctors were unable to treat, and I consider it a kind of miracle each time she has been able to heal me. Her gifts are astonishing, and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

S. Daniels

"Dear Jane, Thank you so much for offering your wonderful cleanse class. I had a great time learning all the different recipes and then sampling them. Delicious! Your enthusiasm was highly motivating. And, your warmth and support greatly appreciated. I would definitely recommend your class to anyone interested in doing a cleanse. I'm entering week #4, so I'll let you know how it all works out when I'm done. "


"Hi Jane, I wanted to thank you so much for the spiritual cleansing that you did for me. It empowered me to be a stronger person. I now feel like I have no cares in the world. The old Bea would have cared if someone talk about her...but the new Bea doesn't seem to be effected by any negativity. Speaking of negativity, I have noticed that all the people that I considered negative are no longer in my life. I made a life decision shortly after your session that has changed my life COMPLETELY. And I am much happier.

I also wanted to thank you for looking into my back injury (sacroiliac joints and ligaments) and the advice that you gave me. I have had only two occasions that my back has REALLY been in pain. I think your advice has also help with my pregnancy. Yes, I am expecting and will shortly be joined with my new daughter in about 3 weeks.

I CANNOT thank you for what you have done for me. There are no words or actions that can express the change in my life except happiness. I would like to acknowledge how grateful and lucky I am to have met you. My life would not be as "FULL and SATISFYING" had I not crossed paths with you. Thank you SO much!!!!"

Beatrice Elizalde

"Jane is a powerful healer on many levels. I am the president and co-founder of a technology organization working long hours and often spend a great deal of time on the computer. A few months ago I was having a pain in my neck and Jane's approach to my ailment was one of knowledge and care. Not only did Jane work with my muscles and surrounding tissue she gave me exercises to do to stretch and strengthen the area around the place of pain. In addition Jane asked some very insightful questions about my stress levels on the job and suggested holistic ways to reduce the stress that I was having. To me this method of healing was very positive because it was not only prescriptive it was preventative. Jane's demeanor is very professional and yet she has a way of connecting with me as an individual that made feel very confident and trusting. I would highly recommend Jane to anyone in need of healing."

Sandee Kastrul

"I had the opportunity for a healing with Jane Fresne last year. It was an amazing experience. Jane’s uncanny ability to detect and treat physical and spiritual problems was impressive.

Her gentle suggestions for healing were thoughtful and proved to be quite helpful. I left the session with a new awareness of my physical and spiritual self, and with the knowledge of what I need to do to continue my healing. The effects of her healing have been long term and very positive."

Mary Gault

"Jane is an amazing energy worker and healer, combining insights from a deep knowledge of several traditions (reiki, shamanism, naprapathy). She brings all this together with profound intuition and care for everyone that is put in her path. She is the first person I turn to when I feel that my life or my body is out of balance, and she has always helped me get on the right path. The world always seems a better place when I am in her presence."

Deann Bayless

"Reiki entered my life at a time of great confusion and self-destruction. The power of the first attunement introduced me to my guides and angels I lost touch with so long ago. Reiki pushed my ego aside opened my heart allowing my soul to ask for the help it needed. My faith was renewed.

Months of Reiki sessions with Jane followed. Her fluent ability to channel reiki energy moved me out of the darkness. During many Reiki sessions with Jane my guides showed me how it felt to love myself, to mother myself. The actual feeling was present during the session and remains present daily.

My new “self love” led to self-growth and self-preservation. Reiki provided me with a way to ask for help and a way to help myself by being able to call on my guides and use my own hands to calm my anxiety. This strength eventually led to the letting go of the anxiety and antidepressant medicines. Reiki has also helped me change my codependent relationships to healthy loving relationships.

Reiki has become my daily tool for turning life’s challenges into life lessons."

Michele Mallet